Darren Aronofsky and Brad Pitt to team up for ‘The Tiger’

Seems like the third time may be the charm for the director and actor who have tried time and time again to work together. The first time it was for ‘The Fountain;’ Pitt dropped out and it seemed as if he may have hurt Aronofsky’s feelings in the process. Then it was ‘The Fighter’ where both Aronofsky and Pitt left the project, and all hope of these two men working together seemed to be lost. Until now….

Rumor has it that Aronofsky and Pitt will finally team up together for the new Focus Features film, ‘The Tiger.’  No word yet on who else will star in the film, and according to Film Shaft, reports that Pitt will play the title role are most likely untrue.  Most think he will portray a game warden who must put aside his love for nature and all human things to fight the tiger.

Here’s a quick synopsis of ‘The Tiger’:

Based on a yet to be published non-fiction book written by John Vaillant the story follows a group of people who live on a harsh Siberian plain. When the human habitat expands it begins to muscle in on a group of tiger’s territory.

I find it hilarious that pre-published books are getting movie deals before the general public even has a chance to like it first. Is this the way of the world now?  Sounds like a big gamble if you ask me, but with names like Pitt and Aronofsky attached,  it gives the chances of the film’s success a little hope.


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