Review: Sex and the City 2

After careful thought and a much-needed nap, I decided to do two reviews of ‘Sex and the City 2’; a biased die-hard fan review, and a disappointed die-hard fan review.   Because I hate being the bearer of bad news, I’ll start with the disappointed die-hard fan review and then end on a positive note.

Disappointed  Die Hard fan Review

The girls are back and although older, none of them are really wiser. Except for Miranda who seems to have grown the most over the last two years. Carrie Bradshaw is now Carrie Preston [weird], Charlotte lives in fear that Harry will pull a Jude Law and cheat with their hot eternally bra-less Irish nanny and Samantha finds herself battling the early stages of menopause, a running punchline which by the end of the film becomes drier than—well,  you know.

In over two hours of run time, there’s very little sex  and about ten minutes of actual city. Instead we get sand, lots and lots of sand. Oh and we get Aidan, but he’s in the film about as long as New York City is.

The opening scene finds Carrie [Bradshaw] Preston walking out of double doors onto the street of New York City, and wearing the most beautiful pair of gold sparkled Christian Louboutins.  It was my first of many shoegasms.  The film starts pretty much like the first one with Carrie re-introducing her three best friends, but instead of meeting up to attend an auction, they are meeting up to purchase the perfect wedding gift for two pals.

Speaking of the wedding— hands down the best part of the film. Too bad it occurred at the very beginning because from that point on, it was disappointing and borderline insulting to die-hard fans.   Disappointing because instead of the crafty dialogue that the original show was known for, the ladies were instead reduced to one liners, “pause for dramatic effect” moments and overall awkward banter that was so not chic!  That is however with the exception of a scene featuring Miranda and Charlotte, which showcased some of the leftover sparkle from the original series and the first film.

And then there’s the borderline insulting part— I felt like I was watching ‘Avatar’ all over again.  The writing was lackluster but the visuals, in this case the $10 million worth of fashion, were designed to keep me entertained.  Sadly they did— which leads me to my biased die-hard fan review.

Biased Die Hard fan review

Honestly when you have Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristen Davis all dressed in their finest apparel, and promoting the idea that women can be friends without being catty, what is there to complain about? I mean, really?

Sure the sequel wasn’t at all up to par with first film, and honestly as a fan of the series I would have been satisfied with just knowing that everyone indeed had a happy ending, but it was the most amazing feeling seeing all the girls again.  The minute Sarah Jessica Parker stepped out of those double doors, the entire theater erupted in applause, and in that  moment I remembered why I loved the ‘Sex and the City’ experience so much. It’s a getaway.

And oh boy do they take you away!  Yes, there’s no city but the beauty of Abu Dhabi, the fashion, the friendship and the relationships that we’ve all invested in for so many years  is enough to sustain the loyal fans for over two hours.

It goes without saying that ‘Sex and the City 2’ is the perfect film for a girls night out, but it’s also the perfect film for fans who want a little more closure from the first film.  Could it have been much better? Yes. But in the end all that matters is that audiences worldwide will get to spend time with four ladies who we’ve grown to love.

My Grade: 6/10


2 Responses to “Review: Sex and the City 2”

  1. TheresaZphotography Reply May 27, 2010 at 9:17 pm

    Very good reviews. I haven’t seen the first movie yet. I will most likely see them on dvd.

    I love that Samantha is dressed the way she is in the picture that you posted. It reminds me of her character in Mannequin. I wonder if that’s a nod to that.

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