Guillermo Del Toro quits ‘The Hobbit’

And I can’t say that I’m surprised. I mean really MGM,  get it together!!

Del Toro, who was supposed to direct two film versions of ‘The Hobbit’, announced yesterday that he was stepping down from the job;  leaving many to wonder who will  fill the vacated position. According to Deadline, many have speculated that Peter Jackson [writer and producer of ‘The Hobbit] will assume the position, but sources close to Jackson say that is “not a possibility.”

So who will replace Del Toro?

Sam Raimi wanted the job before it was offered to Del Toro, and since he’s washed his hands of the ‘Spiderman’ franchise, this would be the perfect opportunity for him. That is, if he’s considered for the job and if he still even wants it.

Unfortunately all of the above really doesn’t even matter because the project has yet to be green lit. And considering the financial state of MGM, the likelihood that happening is decreasing daily. The project as already been pushed back  several times, and if you remember back in April ‘Bond 23’, another film being distributed by MGM, was delayed indefinitely.

Only time will tell what will happen to MGM and ‘The Hobbit’ in the end, but once the finished product is complete I’m sure it will be well worth the wait.

**news source: Deadline


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