Director Tom Tykwer eyes a dream cast for ‘Cloud Atlas’

To most people the name Tom Tykwer doesn’t ring a bell, but if the rumors are true about his latest plans for his film adaptation of ‘Cloud Atlas’, the popular novel written by David Mitchell, then the possibility of him becoming a household name is imminent.

The ‘Run Lola Run’ director is eyeing a stellar cast for ‘Cloud Atlas’, a cast that could include Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, James McAvoy and Ian McKellan. Natalie Portman was on the list, but it was announced today that she had passed on the offer.

However if she would have accepted the role, this would’ve been her second time working with both Twyker, who worked with Portman on a short film for ‘Paris,  je t’aime’,  and the Wachowskis.  The Wachowskis, who produced Portman’s 2005 hit ‘V for Vendetta’, will also produce ‘Cloud Atlas.’

No word yet on the status of the other actors, but this project is already shaping up to be kind of epic.

***news source: MTV Movie Blog


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