Casting Roundup

For your reading pleasure, take a look at some of the casting highlights from this week:

CONFIRMED: Leonardo DiCaprio will play J. Edgar Hoover in the Clint Eastwood directed biopic.   The film, written by Academy Award Winner Dustin Lance Black (Milk), will be DiCaprio’s first time working with Eastwood. [Deadline]

ALMOST CONFIRMED: Michael Fassbender is currently negotiating a deal with Fox to play a Young Magneto in ‘X-Men: First Class‘. Only problem is, he’s also up for a part in Spider-Man 4 but according to Deadline, “Fox is confident they will make a deal.” Fassbender would be an amazing addition to this cast. *Fingers crossed*  [Deadline New York]

CONFIRMED:  Former Gilmore Girls star  Lauren Graham has signed on for ‘Scream 4. ‘  In the film, which comes out next April, Graham will portray Emma Roberts character’s mother.  This is starting to sound pretty good.  [Empire]

SPECULATED: Benjamin Walker is close to locking in a deal with Fox to play Hank McCoy, AKA Beast in ‘X-Men: First Class.‘  Nothing is set in stone just yet, but its obvious that Matthew Vaughn is working tirelessly to put an amazing cast together.  [Empire]

CONFIRMED: Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams to play opposite each other in ‘The Vow’.  The film is based on true story that pretty much mirrors ’50 First Dates,’ only not as funny;  and leaves me wondering how  Tatum keeps getting these roles.  [The Hollywood Reporter]

CONFIRMED: Alexander Skarsgard comes aboard the ‘Battleship’. The ‘True Blood’ star has signed on to star alongside Taylor Kitsch (Wolverine) in the adaptation based on the famous board game. This should be….interesting. [Slash Film]

SPECULATED: Miley Cyrus may be looking to  break free from her Disney roots by starring in ‘Wake’, a thriller based on the novel by Lisa McMann.  Welp– they all leave the Disney nest eventually.  [The Hollywood Reporter]


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