Get ready for ‘Wicked’ the movie!

From a novel to a Broadway Musical and now to the big screen — prepare to defy gravity because the film adaptation of ‘Wicked’ is finally being taken seriously.

The project, which has long been in development, has finally taken flight with Deadline reporting that ‘Wicked’  bosses  Marc Platt (producer), Winnie Holzman (writer) and Stephen Schwartz (songwriter)  have been in talks with filmmakers to bring their vision to life.  Specifically named in Deadline’s article were Ryan Murphy, J.J. Abrams, Rob Marshall and James Mangold.  And true to form,  I’ve decided to rank the following directors—

1. Rob Marshall

By far the most experienced candidate for the job, Marshall has made a name for himself by directing the critically mauled ‘Nine’ and the 6 time Academy Award winning (including Best Picture)  ‘Chicago’.  He also dances, does choreography, and has an intensive musical background that would bode well for a ‘Wicked’ adaptation.

2. Ryan Murphy

If ‘Glee’ is any indication of his talent, then Murphy is the next best thing after Marshall for the job.  Besides his musical prowess, Murphy is also very good at diversifying— did you know that along with ‘Glee’, he also created ‘Nip/Tuck’ and he directed the upcoming Julia Roberts film, ‘Eat. Pray. Love?’  Talk about range.  If given the opportunity Murphy could bring an interesting dynamic to the adaptation.

3. James Mangold

Here’s a guy with no real musical background yet he’s managed to fill his resume with a couple of really amazing films— ‘Girl, Interrupted’ and ‘Walk the Line’ to name a few; and although it’s not a musical, ‘Walk the Line’ could be Mangold’s ticket in.  His recent effort includes ‘Knight & Day’ , however  with a bunch of projects in development–at least according to IMDB–it’s no telling when he will even have time to fit ‘Wicked’ into his schedule.

4. J.J. Abrams

Although an interesting choice,  considering that Abrams is more of a science fiction/nerdy  guy, the decision to have him on the short list is not a huge surprise.  He  does great work, and has a very imaginative mind and his attachment to the project would inevitably introduce ‘Wicked’ to a completely new audience.

Honestly,  any one of the above candidates could do the project justice. The real question is— who will play Glinda and Elphaba. Of course it would be epic of Kristen Chenoweth and Idina Menzel reprised their roles,  but if that’s not the case I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing Anne Hathaway tossed into the mixed. And maybe Amy Adams too…

**news source: Deadline


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