Halle Berry signs on for Shoe Addicts Anonymous’

It’s been three years since Academy Award winner burned up our screen in  ‘Things We Lost In The Fire’; a critically acclaimed film that almost made up for her post Oscar duds.  Catwoman. Gothika. Perfect Stranger.  It’s no wonder why she took a sabbatical, of course she became a mommy but hopefully in that time she also found a new agent. At least the new agent scenario would explain her latest role in, ‘Shoe Addicts Anonymous’, a film based on the novel by Beth Harbison.

Chick-lit at its finest, ‘Shoe Addicts Anonymous’ tells the story of four women who meet on a weekly basis to swap shoes. Kind of like a shoe potluck, if you will.  The characters are quite complex as well– a hefty phone-sex operator, a trophy wife, a bored nanny and Lorna, a woman whose  shoe addiction has her buried under a mountain of debt.

Of course one would think that Berry is shoe-in for Lorna, but according to Deadline she will play the phone-sex operator. Could it be? Will Berry pack on the pounds for her art?

Personally, this is a good move for Berry. She’s been in so many terrible films in the past, it couldn’t possibly get any worse.  This role should break the mold for her– it’s been a loooong time since she was in a fun film like this, and if anything the shoes (which will of course be to die for) is worth the admission price alone.

‘Shoe Addicts’, which is being directed by Paul Weiland, begins shooting in the fall.

**news source: Deadline


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