Comic Con: Will Warner Bros. surprise us all with a ‘Wonder Woman’ announcement?

Could it be? Have the movie gods finally answered our prayers? Will plans for the long-awaited Wonder Woman be announced today at Comic-Con during the Warner Bros. panel?

That seems to be the latest buzz around the net, with The Playlist reporting that David Goyer (writer, Batman Begins) is somehow involved in the diabolical plan. No word yet on exactly what role he’d play in the development process  or even if this bit of information is true, but it’s definitely fun to speculate considering that a Wonder Woman film is beyond overdue.

If you remember, a Joss Whedon version of the film was shopped around Hollywood years ago, with the names of many hopefuls attached. Nothing ever came of it and now Whedon is directing ‘The Avengers.’

So–in the meantime,  I’ll show you my shortlist of Wonder Woman hopefuls if you show me yours—

  • Nadia Bjorlin (claim to fame: Days of Our Lives): I’ve always said if and when a Wonder Woman movie was ever to be made, she’d be the perfect choice. Years later, I still stand by that statement.  Looks wise, she’s the closest to the real thing.
  • Ashley Greene (claim to fame: Twilight Series): Acting wise she hasn’t had much material to work with given her claim to fame, but this girl could definitely be the next big thing. She has the right look for the part and she’s always seen in and around a gym, so getting fit for the role won’t be a problem.  Her age will also work in her favor, at 23, she’s prime for the role of Wonder Woman.
  • Olivia Wilde (claim to fame: The O.C/House):  Hands down, she gets my vote. She’s the total package– looks the part, can act and has this bad ass, take no mess appeal about her.  Also,  at 26  she’s still young enough to pull off the role.

Others on my shortlist include:

-Jessica Biel (once rumored for the part)

-Eva Green

-Eliza Dushku (once rumored for the part)

If the rumors are true,  expect Wonder Woman to hit theaters in 2013.

Who’s your favorite to play this legendary action hero?

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