Poster: ‘Burlesque’

Multiple Grammy award-winning songstress Christina Aguilera will make her big screen debut this Thanksgiving alongside the legendary Cher, and the promotional train has officially left the station.

Here’s an exclusive poster from Cinematical, which bills both actresses on a first name basis, which of course is the norm for Cher.   The film also stars Stanley Tucci and Cam Gigandet.


2 Responses to “Poster: ‘Burlesque’”

  1. I really like this poster a lot. I have been a Cher fan since I was really small and I love Mask & Moonstruck but I’m not sure if I will see this. Maybe rent it. I’m going by what I saw on the trailer.

    Will you see it?

    • I’m debating. When I first saw the trailer I said it looked like Glitter meets Showgirls— not a good thought to have. Lol. However, i figure with Cher and Stanley T in the mix it can’t be that bad, right? lol

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