Sacha Baron Cohen signs on to play Freddy Mercury in biopic

When it comes to biopics on famous musicians, we’ve had our fair share of false alarms— does the rumored Cameron Crowe directed Marvin Gaye biopic ring a bell?  You know, the one that was supposed to star Will Smith?  Well here’s something that’s not a false alarm: Sacha Baron Cohen has signed on to play the legendary Queen frontman, Freddy Mercury.  Only one word can describe this casting decision: brilliant.

The deal is done and production is scheduled to begin in 2011, with GK Films fronting the money and sharing production duties with both Tribeca Productions and Queen Films.  Also, according to Deadline,  a rights package has been put into place in order to feature all of Queen’s music including, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’  ‘Another One Bites The Dust,’ and ‘We Will Rock You.’

No word yet on who will direct the project or whether Cohen will sing  Queen’s famous tunes, but chances are Mercury’s voice may be used for authenticity.

Have thoughts on this casting? Sound off down below.

**news source: The Advocate


2 Responses to “Sacha Baron Cohen signs on to play Freddy Mercury in biopic”

  1. Great new look for your site!

    I’m not sure about this one, I admit, I have only seen Sasha do comedy stuff and I know my being a fan of Queen since 1975 doesn’t matter but for some reason it makes me think of them casting Jim Carey in the role playing it the same way he played the god awful Riddler. From what I read Sasha can’t sing so it will be lip-synced, this could be touchy, it’s not easy to do.

    I don’t know, I really, really hope I am happily surprised and that Sasha knocks my socks of because he did an amazing job. I look forward to seeing a trailer in the future.

    That’s my 2 cents. = )

    • You know, I said the same thing about Jamie Foxx when I found out he would portray Ray Charles, and of course he ended up walking away with the Oscar. Lol. I just think every comedic actor needs that ONE dramatic break to prove they can be versatile. Looks wise, Sacha is a dead ringer and I think he knows the importance of this role. It’s definitely a role of a lifetime, so I’m hoping he doesn’t screw it up. Lol.

      Thanks for the compliment on the site too!

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