Casting Roundup

Chloe Moretz gets strange while Kate Beckinsale is strangely still making Underworld films, all while Emma Stone is rapidly becoming the next big thing. Find out more after jump in this week’s Casting Roundup.

Chloe Moretz, who is kind of becoming like the new Dakota Fanning, continues her whirlwind year with her latest casting in ‘Emily the Strange’.  The 13-year-old starlet will play the title role, with Mike Richardson of Dark Horse producing.  Moretz has had quite the year, starring in Kick-Ass and working alongside Martin Scorsese in the forthcoming ‘Hugo Cabret’. Her latest film ‘Let Me In’ is set to be released next month. [Deadline]

Want to know someone who’s not having a whirlwind of anything? Kate Beckinsale. The once promising actress has signed on for Underworld 4, leaving most (well, just me) scratching their heads and asking what the hell for?  Seriously, she seems to be a relatively talented actress but doing one movie a year, and that one movie being Underworld is not what’s hot.  It’s time for a new agent Kate! [Collider]

And speaking of agents, someone with a damn good one is none other than Emma Stone.  The  21-year-old actress  who’s known for her supporting roles in Superbad, The House Bunny and Zombieland, has finally made herself a household name with her starring role in Easy A, which by the way also happens to be the number one comedy in America.  Her latest box office numbers have made Sony a very happy studio, so much that they have reportedly offered her the lead female role in their 21 Jump Street reboot and have put her in the running for the female lead in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot.  Other hopefuls on the Spider-Man list include Lily Collins and Mia Wasikowska. [Empire]


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