Gabourey Sidibe and Michael Pena join ‘Tower Heist’

Life after ‘Precious’ is proving to be pretty good for Gabourey Sidibe. The Academy Award nominated actress along with Michael Pena, has just joined the cast of Brett Ratner’s upcoming film, ‘Tower Heist’.  The film, which starts shooting next month in New York, is an action-comedy that also stars Alan Alda, Ben Stiller, and Eddie Murphy. Could this be the film that finally puts Eddie Murphy back on the map?

According to Deadline, Sidibe and Pena will portray employees in a high-rise building who find out that they have been scammed out of their pension funds by a Wall Street crook living in the building under house arrest. With the help of the building manager (Stiller), the employees formulate a plan to return the favor.

Sounds like an interesting concept, and it’s nice to see Sidibe getting some shine in Hollywood.

**news source: Deadline


One Response to “Gabourey Sidibe and Michael Pena join ‘Tower Heist’”

  1. I thought she would suffer a similar fate to Nikki Blonsky, to be celebrated and loved for 10 minutes, and then told to drop the weight or drop out of the limelight. I’m so glad that this isn’t what happened. Restores my faith in humanity somewhat.

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