The Real Reel’s Oscar Wish list: Best Director

1. Darren Aronofsky

‘Black Swan’

Why he should be considered: Because he’s practically been looked over for years now, and I’m sick of it!  This man is single-handedly responsible for bringing Mickey Rourke out of oblivion, and on top of that— he tells amazing stories.  Requiem for a Dream, Pi,  The Fountain, The Wrestler and now Black Swan; is  ONE nomination too much to ask?

2. Christopher Nolan


Why he should be considered: Because he’s another director whose been constantly screwed over by the Academy, and probably way more than Aronofsky.  In 2009, he was nominated for a Director’s Guild award  for ‘The Dark Knight’ only to be edged out of an Academy Award nomination by Stephen Daldry(The Reader)  who had barely even been in contention the entire season. Yeah, it’s safe to say that Nolan is beyond overdue.

3. David Fincher

‘The Social Network’

Why he should be considered: It’s simple– in my opinion, he directed the best film of the year.  The Social Network was everything that a great film should be and Fincher is a huge part of that.  If he’s not on the ballot, it will be a surprise.

4. Danny Boyle

‘127 Hours’

Why he should be considered: Because how can you not love Danny Boyle? This will be his first film since Slumdog Millionaire surprised us all, won our hearts, and almost swept the Oscars.  I have a feeling that Boyle is going to come back swinging to reclaim his crown. For me, he’s currently the favorite but only because he’s been here and has won before.

5. Lisa Cholodenko

‘The Kids Are All Right’

Why she should be considered:  You didn’t hear? Female directors make history and win Oscars now. Shout out to Kathryn Bigelow, who will be on hand to present this award on Oscar night. But I digress–Cholodenko really has a legitimate shot at contending against the aforementioned guys.  She’s an exceptional filmmaker and I would love to see her name on the ballot.


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