The Real Reel’s Oscar Wish List: Best Actress in a Leading Role

Here’s my Oscar wish list this week for Best Actress in a Leading Role. I compiled this list earlier in the week— shame on me for just getting around to posting it.   Check it out and leave your thoughts down below.

1. Natalie Portman

Film: Black Swan

Oscar nominations: 1, Closer

Oscar wins: 0

Why she should be considered: Two words– hardwork and dedication. Out of all the possible nominees in this year’s best actress race,  Portman had the most physically and mentally challenging role of the lot.  For a year, she trained for 5 hours a day, shed 20 pounds off of her already slender frame and immersed herself into the ballet world. Did I mention she also managed to give the performance of her career in the midst of all that? Portman will no doubt be nominated but she’ll have to campaign relentlessly against…

2. Annette Bening

Film: The Kids Are All Right

Oscar nominations: 3, The Grifters, American Beauty, Being Julia

Oscar wins: 0

Why she should be considered: Although I preferred Julianne Moore’s performance in ‘The Kids Are All Right’,  I’m a firm believer of giving credit where it is due.  Bening has been nominated three times before, questionably losing out to Hilary Swank twice; and it’s time for the Academy to recognize her exceptional talent as an actress.    Although this year technically belongs to Portman,  Bening will be the one talking to the press  at the end of the night on Feb. 27.

3. Michelle Williams

Film: Blue Valentine

Oscar nominations: 1, Brokeback Mountain

Oscar wins: 0

Why she should be considered: Because she’s come a long way since her days on Dawson’s Creek,  she’s highly underrated and she manages to give exceptional performances every time she steps in front of the camera. ‘Blue Valentine’s’ NC-17 rating will definitely be a huge hurdle to cross but if anyone can overcome the minor setback its Williams.

4. Noomi Rapace

Film: Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Oscar nominations: 0

Oscar wins: 0

Why she should be considered: Because who didn’t walk out of the theater blown away by her performance?!  A lot of people are predicting Jennifer Lawrence of Winter’s Bone to fill out the ballot this year– she’s being nominated left and right nowadays— but I would love for Rapace to be the wild card of the season. It’s highly deserved.

5. Nicole Kidman

Film: Rabbit Hole

Oscar nominations: 2

Oscar wins: 1, The Hours

Why she should be considered: Because nowadays you’re more likely to see Kidman at a music awards show, then a prestigious film awards  show.  Arguably, she hasn’t been in an awards baited movie since ‘Cold Mountain’— unless you’re counting ‘Nine’ which hopefully…you’re not.  Kidman won’t take home her second gold statue on Oscar night, but it would be nice to see her as a nominee.


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