The Real Reel’s Top 10 of 2010

With a little more than 12 hours left until 2011, I couldn’t let the year end without recapping my favorite films of 2010.  The year started off questionable with a slew of unforgettable duds, picked up a bit with some really great summer blockbusters and finished strong with awards caliber work from some of the finest actors, directors, and writers in the business.

This following list is in no way, shape or form predictions for the upcoming awards season but personal favorites from an ordinary movie lover like myself. Enjoy the list and have the happiest New Year!!

1. The Social Network

  • In 2010 no film was mores of a “total package” than The Social Network. From the exquisite writing and exceptional direction, all the way down to the phenomenal  performances, The Social Network solidified itself as a film that will be talked about for years to come. A true classic for our generation.

2. Black Swan

  • Talk about living up to its hype! Black Swan was one of my most anticipated films of 2010, and it did not fail to deliver. With a show stopping performance by Natalie Portman, ‘Swan’ joins ‘The Social Network’ as being an instant classic for our generation as well as the most authentic film of 2010.

3. Inception

  • It’s not summertime without a blockbuster hit and ‘Inception’ was the blockbuster of all blockbusters. Although not my favorite effort from writer/director Christopher Nolan, it’s the film’s sheer creativity that makes it top three material. What a great time at the movies!

4. Toy Story 3

  • 2010 was the year we bid farewell to our oldest friends, Woody and Buzz.  Simply put— Toy Story 3 was the perfect goodbye and truly worth the 11 year wait.

5. The Fighter

  • There’s nothing like a good story of triumph to lift your spirits during the holiday season. With a ridiculously amazing performance by Christian Bale, which is sure to be recognized in gold statues this awards season, The Fighter was the perfect endnote to 2010.

6. Easy A

  • By far, my favorite comedy of 2010 and an amazing coming out party for Emma Stone.

7. The Town

  • A surprising effort from director Ben Affleck, ‘The Town’ was a breath of fresh air in the cop drama genre and featured an awards caliber performance from Academy Award nominee Jeremy Renner.

8. Shutter Island

  • A stellar piece of work by Martin Scorsese. Even though I had the plot figured out before the first act was over, the story and performances left me wanting more after the final credits had rolled.

9. Remember Me

  • I honestly didn’t expect to love this movie as much as I did but it really resonated with me. From the great performances to the timely theme, Remember Me is my surprise favorite of 2010.

10. Kick- Ass

  • At the risk of sounding cliché, ‘Kick Ass’ kicked major ass.  I went into this movie begrudgingly, and walked out completely ecstatic that my best friend had coerced me to see it.  Great pick, Travis!

2 Responses to “The Real Reel’s Top 10 of 2010”

  1. Cool list, I need to see The Fighter ASAP
    Love this layout

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