Review: No Strings Attached

Can best friends be sex friends? It’s the age-old question that is brought to life in No Strings Attached, the Ivan Reitman romantic comedy starring two-time Oscar nominee Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher. The answer? Best friends can be sex friends unless someone catches feelings, which of course is how this story ends.

Fresh from her career defining performance in Black Swan, Portman takes on the role of Emma, a career focused commitment-phobe who wants the sex minus the emotions. Emma is a polar opposite to Kutcher’s Adam, a production assistant on a Glee- like television show who is ultra sensitive and desperately trying to get over the fact that his celebrity father (Kevin Kline) is now dating his ex-girlfriend.  Determined to mend his broken heart, Adam agrees to a “just sex” arrangement with Emma.  However, the deal goes to hell once Adam starts to fall for Emma, thus unleashing a series of romantic comedy clichés.

Despite being your typical rom-com, No Strings Attached manages to keep the comedic moments afloat thanks to great supporting performances by Greta Gerwig, Lake Bell and Jake M. Johnson. When they’re on the screen the film has a little more heart and its saved from being a complete and total mess. In her first rom-com Portman manages to work with what she has by giving a confident and consistent performance, while Kutcher, who’s been here plenty of times before, goes through the motions of being the cute guy with the witty lines.

Although the clichés become tiresome and you find yourself imagining Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan circa 1989 in the leading roles, No Strings Attached is the perfect date movie, though it probably wont be one of those classics you look to on a rainy day. The verdict on this one: wait until summer to see Friends With Benefits and/or catch this at the matinée.

My Grade: 6/10


2 Responses to “Review: No Strings Attached”

  1. yeah….i;m gonna have to miss this one. i can see the writing on the wall already. and isn’t Friends With Benefits the same movie?

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