Melissa Leo launches her own Oscar campaign

Melissa Leo, the obvious front-runner, has clearly thrown the rulebook out the window and has personally asked the Academy to consider her.

Usually these types of campaigns are handled by a film’s studio, probably to make sure the actor up for consideration isn’t seen as a completely narcissistic tool, yet here we are gawking at photos that Ms. Leo has paid for herself.  When asked about the ads, Leo had the following to say:

“This entire awards process to some degree is about pimping yourself out,” she told the New York Times. “I’m confident my fans will understand the ads were about showing a different side of myself.”

Understand? While the ads a very nicely put together, Melissa is above this foolery and her performance speaks volumes more than any self-produced campaign ad.  While her poor judgment will probably leave a bad taste in voters mouths, it shouldn’t affect her inevitable Oscar win.



One Response to “Melissa Leo launches her own Oscar campaign”

  1. I have to admit, I really didn’t know who Melissa Leo was until she won the Golden Globe recently. But her acceptance speech seemed so phony to me that I despised her just on that. It was so obvious to me that she rehearsed her acceptance to make it look natural. All the heart-felt emotion was contrived. And what annoyed me the most is that it was so obvious to me that she was trying to get the oscar news highlight, or “memorable acceptance” of the awards. Now after last night’s Oscars, this has only been confirmed as her acceptance speech was phony and contrived once again. And her “accidental” use of the F-bomb was quite intentional, I am sure of it. I am a supreme BS detector, and this was an easy siting.

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