Oscar week has arrived

This time next week will mark the end of awards season, and we all can breathe a collective sigh of relief when the Best Picture recipient is announced. Who will it be? Sudden favorite The King’s Speech or the unforeseen underdog The Social Network? Maybe the vote will split, making way for other Best Picture hopefuls such as Black Swan or The Fighter. And what about the roller coaster Best Director race? Who’s it gonna be? Fincher or Hooper.

Man I’m glad this almost over.

This has by far been the most up and down yet predictable (go figure) awards season in recent memory; just when you thought you had it all figured out, here comes The Social Network making a definitive comeback with a win at the ACE Eddie Awards. Don’t consider this a big deal? Consider this: the last six out of ten winners of this very award have gone on to win Best Picture at the Oscars. Furthermore, the past nine winners have gone on to win Best Editing at the Oscars, an important indicator that helps when trying to predict who will take home Best Picture for the evening.  Though the writing may already be on the wall for The Social Network, it’s still nice to have that one last glimmer of hope.

Did I mention that I’m glad this is almost over?

Oscar week tends to be a little busy, so here’s what you can for sure expect from The Real Reel:

  • Episode 4 of The Real Reel’s Oscar Podcast Series
  • Oscars 2012 Forecast
  • Reviews of all 10 Best Picture nominees + a few other nominated films
  • LIVE Tweeting the Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday Night
  • LIVE Tweeting the 83rd Academy Awards Ceremony on Sunday with red carpet commentary
  • And More

As much as I am glad this over (if I haven’t said that enough), I’m super excited to discuss the ceremony and the week’s event with my film pals on twitter!

Happy Oscar week! We’ve made it!


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