Oscar Real: Best Actor in a Leading Role breakdown

2 days left! Can you feel the excitement?

Over the past week, I’ve broken down the supporting players and the leading ladies- now its the time to see what the leading men have to offer. Recent winners in the Best Actor in a Leading Role category include Daniel Day-Lewis (There Will Be Blood), Sean Penn (Milk) and nominee Jeff Bridges (Crazy Heart).

Javier Bardem, Biutiful

  • No stranger Hollywood’s biggest night, Javier’s last awards season bid ended victoriously when he won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role in No Country for Old Men (2008). His film, Biutiful, has a great chance at winning for Best Foreign Language film, but unfortunately Javier’s chances of going home empty-handed are even greater.

Jeff Bridges, True Grit

  • The defending champion, Jeff is no stranger to this category having taken home the gold man last year. This year’s nomination marks the sixth time he’s been nominated; could he pull a Tom Hanks for the consecutive win?  Considering his competition, its doubtful.

Jesse Eisenberg, The Social Network

  • Nominee spotlight time! Click here.

Colin Firth, The King’s Speech

  • This year marks Firth’s second consecutive nomination and this time around he isn’t coming back for his 30 percent, he’s coming back for everything!

James Franco, 127 Hours

  • Not one to be easily impressed by James’ charm, good looks and undeniable talent,  I was completely blown away at his turn in 127 Hours.  In those moments with him and only him, I became a fan.  This nomination is truly deserved.

The Real REAL: Firth takes it. That’s all.  There’s really no room for error on this one.

Want more of The Real Reel’s Oscar breakdowns? Click here to listen to Monday’s Oscar podcast, where I discuss Best Picture, Best Director, Adapted and Original Screenplay, Original Score and more.


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