The Real Reel’s Hits, Misses, and WTF Moments: 2011 Oscar Edition

What a night! A night that I’m sure we all, James Franco included, are glad is over.  For those of you just rolling over into another dream or getting ready to have lunch at your respective places of employment, here’s a little something to bring to the water cooler conversation. That’s right! For the second year in a row, it’s  “The Real Reel’s Hits, Misses, and WTF Moments: 2011 Oscar Edition”


Anne Hathaway during one of her many efforts to save the show

Anne Hathaway: it would be really unfair to lump her into the same category with her absent co-host James Franco, who clearly checked out fifteen minutes into the show. Hathaway tried. She really did try. Given a different co-host, she could have been next level. Unfortunately, she spent the better half of the show trying to save it while Franco sat back and allowed her to do so. Sadly, she failed but being a people pleaser myself, I felt her pain.

Billy Crystal: The entire Kodak Theater erupted when he came on to stage, probably hoping that Franco and Hathaway were mere appetizers to the main course, and that he would somehow save the sinking ship; he didn’t but it was nice to be reminded of what the Oscars used to be.

Justin Timberlake & Mila Kunis: OMG! Be together already! Besides being super adorable together and having great chemistry, Mila and Justin were effortlessly funny, even though JT’s Banksy joke fell flat to anyone not up on Exit Through the Gift Shop.  Can we get them to host next year?

Two people who just need to go ahead and make it last forever


Lena Horne Tribute: Short. Sweet. Straight to the point. The perfect ending to the In Memoriam segment.
Sandra Bullock’s Best Actor Presentation: I have a feeling that Sandy implemented a BYOS rule – bring your own script– because her delivery of the best actor nominations was clearly not the work of the Oscar writers.  Another of many examples of how the presenters fared better than the Oscar hosts.

PS 22 Chorus closing the show with Judy Garland's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

PS22 Chorus: Seeing the kids from PS 22 on stage in their t-shirts and jeans, singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow in front of the Hollywood elite, while the night’s winners appeared on stage, was definitely a nice end note and something those kids will remember for the rest of their lives.

Twitter: Can some of the people I follow host the Oscars? Seriously, the comedy on any given day is noteworthy but on the biggest night in Hollywood, its beyond words! Twitter definitely kept things interesting for over three hours.


James Franco's look the ENTIRE night and Anne Hathaway, who's clearly trying to surpress her anger

James Franco: My goodness bro, did you even care? Like, at all? Poor Annie. We’ve all been there. You know, the group project in school (which James Franco loves to plug) where you end up doing all the work and the loser you’re partnered with ends up taking all the credit, only this is in reverse. Annie tried, James didn’t but because they’re a “team” she’ll be pulled down with him as one of the worst Oscar hosts in a long time.

The Oscar Writers: What the hell guys? I mean, seriously? Did y’all even care?

The Oscar cameramen: Was it everyone’s first day?  We want to see the beautiful people!!! Where were the cut aways to the crowd? What was with the excessive tight shots on the stage? My goodness,  the SAGs and Globes had better discernment than this, and their show isn’t broadcasted live to  billions of  people across the world.  The only time I saw any of the nominees was at the end of the show, when their category was on deck.

Oscar producer Bruce Cohen

Oscar producers: That’s right! Everyone is getting blamed for this disaster of a production.  A 3+ hour show and the only song and dance we at home get is a useless number from Hathaway, three very mediocre best original song performances and Gwyneth Paltrow still desperately trying to convince that she can sing?!

WTF Moments

Kirk Douglas: What started out as a hit, quickly became a WTF moment as I legitimately  began to worry about Kirk’s  well-being as he stood on the stage hilariously rambling about God knows what.  For  what its worth: even he, cane gag and all, managed to be funnier than Hathaway and Franco.

Kirk Douglas after one "you know" too many

Melissa Leo dropping the F bomb: a hilarious WTF moment.  Thank goodness for the tape delay!

We auto-tune at the Oscars now? This was just a poor and failed attempt, to keep the audience at home from changing the channel to the millionth rerun of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  It’s the Oscars! Miss us with the trendy bull and give us some Liza/Cher spectacle!

The 83rd Academy Awards: Yep. The whole damn show was a huge WTF? From the hosts to the writing, down to the production which included the poor camera work… this show will go down in history as one of the worst. Which is saying a lot considering that last year’s was pretty mediocre too. Time to reinvent the wheel, Academy. In a major way…not this half-assed “young and hip” way that you clearly failed at.


5 Responses to “The Real Reel’s Hits, Misses, and WTF Moments: 2011 Oscar Edition”

  1. LOL! this is a hilarious read. james franco–who i always liked–really lost a lot of cool points on his “i don’t want to be here” performance at the oscar. for that, they should have revoked his nomination. UNFAIR! (and i vote rtyan gosling should have jumped in his place). kirk douglas nearly put me to sleep, but he was funny. LONG LIVE MELISSA LEO AND CHRISTIAN BALE. oh, and natalie portman looked divine as well

  2. Great article Tiffany! I didn’t get to watch but I did hear about Christian Bale which made me happy.

    I saw a headline last week where Franco said Gervais bombed as a host and I thought to myself, you better be good then James, guess now, LoL

    Lets hope that next year they get some better hosts. We can dream = )

    • Can’t believe you didn’t get to watch! You didn’t miss anything, pretty much the same ole same ole, but I was super happy to see Christian Bale win a much deserved and long overdue Oscar. Hope all is well. Been to any Walk of Fame ceremonies lately? Would love to see some pics!

  3. Great blog post. It pretty much summed up the night. I heard James Franco on a radio interview months ago. What a snooze! He is such a boring person. I’m so surprised they chose him to be a host. Your analogy to a school project was spot on. Poor Anne.

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