Review: MOOZ-lum

MOOZ-lum is the rare narrative and poignant feature debut from writer-director Qasim Basir that focuses upon Muslim life in America.

The story begins and ends with Tariq (Evan Ross), a tortured soul who has yet to truly identify himself with the beliefs of his strict Muslim father (Roger Guevner Smith).  Upon leaving for his freshman year at a secular college, he makes a conscious decision to live his life outside of the religion he was born into, thus embarking on a journey that eventually forces him to face the demons of his past and the destination of his future.

Boasting a phenomenal ensemble cast that includes Ross, Smith, Nia Long, Dorian Missick and Danny Glover, MOOZ-lum is a film that will no doubt become a conversation piece across the country. The film tackles issues that are very relevant in America and it does so without being excessively preachy. Coupled with fine performances from everyone involved, the film’s nuanced message is one that should hit close to home for anyone willing to receive it.

Also, because awards season is firmly still on the brain, with the right promotion and the proper vetting, MOOZ-lum has the potential to be an awards season vehicle for both Ross and Long who give powerfully subtle performances in the film.

Basir deserves a bunch of credit as well, not only for writing and directing a fine piece of work but for also launching a grassroots effort to spread the word about this wonderful film. Please don’t let his efforts be in vain — if MOOZ-lum is playing anywhere near you, go see it! You won’t be disappointed.

My grade: 7/10


2 Responses to “Review: MOOZ-lum”

  1. wow! great review! really happy to hear good things about this!


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