Afternoon Reel


  • What a relief! Rihanna has zero interest in starring in The Bodyguard remake. Too bad Warner Bros. doesn’t have zero interest in making it. (Shadow and Act)
  • Speaking of remakes, who’s up for a Tombraider reboot? (Deadline)
  • Expendables 2 is coming, though not under the direction or pen of Sly Stallone.  (The Playlist)
  • Arrested Development movie, anyone? According to Jason Bateman, it’s pretty incredible. (Next Movie)
  • Cosmo’s Fun Fearless Female Mila Kunis couldn’t spill the beans about her rumored involvement in Oz: The Great and Powerful, but she does think her upcoming comedy Friends With Benefits is pretty hilarious.  (MTV)
  • We were kind of hoping for Rachel Weisz, but Anthony Hopkins is cool too. (Cinematical)

One Response to “Afternoon Reel”

  1. The only one I would see if AD. I love that show, non-stop laughing.

    Tiffany, check out the poster for the AD movie that Randall made for an upcoming article on

    I hope you’re having an Awesome Week!

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