Bradley Cooper in talks to star in ‘The Crow’ remake

Some things are just untouchable, The Crow being one of those things, but that hasn’t stopped Hollywood from toying with the idea of casting Bradley Cooper as Eric Draven in this highly unnecessary remake.

Where does one begin?

For starters, The Crow is such a special film, one that deserves to be remembered as is and not ruined by the likes of Bradley Cooper.

Don’t get me wrong, Cooper is great in films like The Hangover and He’s Just Not That Into You but no one (and I do mean no one) should be able to recreate the film that would have sent the late Brandon Lee’s career into overdrive. The very film that claimed Lee’s life because of a freak accident during production.  Isn’t that reason enough to keep this film sacred?

Seriously Hollywood, let’s think about this. Like, really think about it!  Same goes for you too Bradley, all work isn’t good work. Pass on this one.



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