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Michael Fassbender is sexing up everything that moves in the first trailer for Shame, and we (the ladies, and some gentleman)¬† really only have one question – where can we sign up? Fassbender hotness aside, this is the type of trailer that ignites the excitement warranted for what’s shaping up to be one of the […]

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TRAILER: Albert Nobbs

Period pieces have never been my cup of tea – surely there’s a reason for that but the only one that I can come with is that I just don’t find them to be all that enjoyable. Glenn Close, however, I find her to be extremely enjoyable. Glenn Close in a period piece, as a […]

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TRAILER: My Week With Marilyn

After months of anticipation and speculating on if Michele Williams could actually pull off the iconic sultriness of the late Marilyn Monroe, we finally have a trailer to answer most of our burning questions. Do we love it? Not quite.¬† Though the trailer is a great start in telling¬† if Williams is pulling off Monroe, […]

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