The Real Reel’s Oscar Wish List: Supporting Actress

Viola Davis (The Help)

Category fraud goes against every thing we believe but this is the only way that Viola Davis will take home a gold statue on Oscar. With the way the leading actress race is shaping up, there are way too many factors working against her – two legendary actresses are “due” and one acclaimed actress  (who in her own right is due) is playing a legend who never received her “due”.  Still with us?

All of this and we haven’t even tossed the former Oscar winner and the hot up and coming actress into the mix.  Long story short – Davis’ chances are heightened tremendously in the supporting category.

Jessica Chastain  (Take Shelter, The Help)

Chastain could honestly fill out this category by her lonesome, however, that  wouldn’t be fair to the others. When she receives a her well deserved nomination, the possibilities of the honored performance are endless –  The Help, Take Shelter, The Debt, Tree of Life, Coriolanus – did you think it was joke when we said that she could own this category all by herself.

Shailene Woodley (The Descendants)

After watching The Descendants, Woodley definitely proved to be the standout delivering a near perfect performance alongside George Clooney. The Gothams recognized her rising star, as did the Indie Spirits – only natural for the Academy to take notice as well.  To us, Woodley and Clooney are a package deal and we can’t see one getting in without the other. And in case you didn’t know, Clooney is most definitely getting in.

Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids)

If Robert Downey Jr can get a nomination for Tropic Thunder, then surely Melissa McCarthy can score one for her hilarious performance in Bridesmaids. Hands down, the best comedic performance of the year. She’s super hot right now and if her people are worth their salt, they’re already drafting the Oscar campaign.

Octavia Spencer (The Help)

Davis’ category fraud aside, Spencer is the clear favorite to not only score a nomination in this category, but to win as well. Her critically and commercially successful performance in The Help  has kept people talking since the last days of summer and the momentum is only increasing.


One Response to “The Real Reel’s Oscar Wish List: Supporting Actress”

  1. hmmm…as much as i love viola davis (mostly because of her performance in Doubt and other movies), i really like how jessica has tackled a variety of roles. kudos to her.

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