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18th Screen Actors Guild Nominations

The Screen Actors Guild announced their nominees bright and early this morning and as expected they’re boring, predictable and leave little to be desired. Granted there are a lot of late entries this season (yet both Meryl Streep and Glenn Close managed to sneak their way in), this year’s nominations are nothing to write home […]

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Video Review: The Book of Eli

My good friend V.P. posted a video review for ‘The Book of Eli.’  It’s a very technical review as he discusses everything from cinematography all the way down to wardrobe. Check it out. Thanks V.P. for shouting out The Real Reel at the end.

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Review: The Book of Eli

I’m usually not a fan of apocalyptic films but Denzel Washington plus the Hughes Brothers is enough to garner my interest.  And not it only did it garner my interest, “The Book of Eli” satisfied it as well. Written by Gary Whitta, “The Book of Eli” is a post apocalyptic story about a lone man […]

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